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A Tribute to Craig’s Yard

Years ago a gentleman named Craig asked if we would be interested in coming in and doing a private tuning party for he and his friends on the way to the next show.  We met them at a truck stop a mile or so down the road from his home in Louisiana.  He picked us up in his truck and showed us the route to his house and pointed out that the ground was very solid and firm where he wanted us to execute a very wide left handed U-turn.  The plan was to turn the dyno rig around in his well-manicured yard and then pull back up onto his concrete drive and set up to work.  We went and got the dyno, which is 60,000 lbs, and 80’ long and proceeded to execute the suggested maneuver making it through the U-turn to within 20 ft of the concrete driveway.  What Craig had thought was solid, quickly turned to quicksand.  The toter home was sunk to the body.  In order to get it out, a 20’x20’ steel 2 car carport had to be unbolted from the concrete and moved out of the way.  A neighbor showed up with logging chains and an F350 Dually 4×4 and somehow managed to recover the sunken toter.  We call this the ultimate yard job.

Never Trust Your GPS

How do you turn a 13’ 6” tall motor home into an 8’ 6” tall convertible?  Follow your GPS Route to a rally in Davenport, Iowa Sturgis on the River. In 2007 I embraced GPS technology as a way to route our trucks from show to show. It took me flawlessly and efficiently from Hartford City, In to Davenport, Iowa.  Cracks in the plan started to appear when I crested a hill rolling into downtown Davenport.  I was greeted by what seemed at the time to be hundreds of yellow flashing lights signaling that we were over the height for a low height bridge.  I was able to get stopped just a few feet from an 8’6” high railroad bridge.  I called 911 from my cell because it was a one way road with traffic stacked up behind us and no way to turnaround and go a different way.  No damage at this point except to my pride.  A dozen police officers with a lot of lights managed to get us backed up about a mile to access a road that was created for over-height trucks.  Since, we have been seriously considering purchasing a GPS that shows height restrictions.

Gain Horsepower with Lucas Oil Full Service

Box of Lube - Lucas Full Service Kit

Box of Lube - Lucas Full Service Kit

Watch our YouTube video Here of our 2008 110 Springer Softail full service oil change.  Just by changing all 3 holes with Lucas Full Synthetic model specific Box of Lube kit (offered on our website) the bike gained 3 horsepower.  In fact, we have tested this many times and have had similar results.  By using the Lucas 75-140 Gear Oil in the Harley 6 speed transmission you will immediately notice that there is no noise coming from the transmission.  Could this be the answer to the increase in horsepower output at the rear wheel?

Everyone On Board?

During part of the show season in 2009, the Cycle Solutions Dyno rig was staffed with corporate employees from time to time from some of the companies that manufacture the products we sell.  After a very busy Leesburg Bikefest of installing countless fuel injection devices, exhausts, etc, we tore down both rigs and headed for the nearest truck stop and all night diner.  After a filling dinner everyone, or so we thought everyone had piled back in the trucks to head to Thunder Beach.  The plan was to get to our next destination early Monday morning so the crew could enjoy a couple of days of R&R before setting up.  About 3:00 AM, more than halfway to Panama City Beach the phone rings.  The voice on the other end says “Dude, where are you guys?  I have been walking around this parking lot forever trying to find you.”  Needless to say the plans changed very quickly for the one truck that had to turn around and drive all the way back to pick up the AWOL employee.  The name of the offender is still being withheld.

Impromptu Burnouts; Not Always a Good Idea

In 2008 at the Roar to the Shore rally in Wildwood, NJ a dozen or so off duty firemen were standing next to a row of port-a-johns while 20 feet away a large crowd was cheering on an intoxicated idiot that was doing an impromptu burnout.  The idiot’s hand slipped off the clutch and the bike (and the idiot) launched across the street hitting several port a johns at full force.  If you have seen the jackass movies then you can fill in what happened next.  The idiot went to jail and the firemen had to go get hosed down.