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Bubba’s HOT Picks – Animal Shelter Donation

Blackford County Animal Shelter

Blackford County Animal Shelter

Cycle Solutions is working to add a page to our website called Bubba’s HOT Picks.  If you are not aware of whom Bubba is please read our Bio page on the website.  Bubba travels with the crew to all our events and when he is not being super watchdog on the road, he is at home romping with our Danes.  Bubba works hard for Cycle Solutions so we decided that Bubba needs to be compensated.  He is perfectly fine with dog bones and lots of good kibble so we decided that Cycle Solutions Inc would get involved with our local animal shelter to assist animals like bubba. 

Chris and Kim Waddell are huge dog lovers.  Recently, Cycle Solutions Inc donated funds to the shelter to have an outdoor play area installed at the shelter to give the animals a place to play and take in some sunshine during their stay at the shelter.  That project will be underway soon and we will post some details when they are available.  Who doesn’t like to see cute animals running and playing and being happy? 

The shelter is in dire need of a new facility and they only way that can be achieved is through fundraisers and donations.  Cycle Solutions is going to sell a select list of products and donate a portion of the profits directly to the shelter to get them on their way to a new and improved building.   We hope to have this page up and going in the next month or so.  Please check back with us soon and see what Bubba is offering for the shelter.

We encourage everyone to contact your local shelter if you are looking for a new companion.  Shelter animals make great pets!

All Trusses Up!

Building Expansion - Cycle Solutions Inc. Indoor Dyno Tuning Center

Building Expansion - Cycle Solutions Inc. Indoor Dyno Tuning Center

Cycle Solutions building expansion is well underway.  This is the 2nd and final addition to the existing building being done to provide more storage space for products as well as office space and a shipping area.  The business originally started with one lift in a one bay garage by one man with a passion for making motorcycles go faster.  Cycle Solutions has come a long way over the years thanks to our employees and our customers.  We are very excited about our new facility and can’t wait until it is open for business.

The business moved from that one bay garage to a 28’x28’ pole barn that we had built on our property.  It wasn’t long until we realized we needed more space and did a 28”x34” two story expansion.  Here we are in 2011 and now will have the space we need to stock all those great performance products  and also this will be the first winter that we will have the dyno in our building to be able to offer performance work during our off season in Indiana.

With this new space we hope to secure more products in large volume to be able to sell to our customers at a great price.  We will post more pictures as the expansion progresses.